Monthly Archives: May 2011

Launch and Server Troubles.

First, before I get onto the main topic, WELCOME TO THE BLOG! I just launched it earlier tonight and so far it seems to be going well. Again, don’t expect daily posts or anything up on here, this is just somewhere for me to post now and then. A good way to think of it would be an extended personal Twitter I guess!

Anyway, something I really wanted to post about quickly was the ‘Green Valley’ Minecraft server. Many people have asked me why it’s all done through a membership system and not just as a free roam for those who wish to log on. Well, there are two main reasons. The first would be that the server I own/have bought can only take around 30-40 people without lag, and while that is still very impressive, I don’t want to have any strain on it at any time to make sure those who are playing are having the most enjoyable experience possible. The other of course would be griefing prevention. I needn’t say anymore on it, but to put it bluntly, we had our first experience of griefing today and while it’s already fully been fixed, we learnt a few things from it. The main one is that no matter who you choose, there is ALWAYS a risk so a good judge of character is needed in the selection process. More than I thought anyway.

The other point would just be the administration lesson really. Put it this way, backups are your friend 😉

Anyway, one good thing that came from this is that during the next wave of invites there will be one extra spot, so look out for that!



Content for the masses.

So, by the time I launch this, I want to have more up than just a introduction/welcome page. I figured I might as well start with something I’ve been loving recently, or rather, a group of people.

They’re a band named ‘I Fight Dragons’ and they do great music that’s influenced by video games. I truly don’t think I’ve found a song I haven’t enjoyed yet, but my favorite must be they’re simple yet addictive rendition of Zelda.

Some of the other great tracks include:

Their music may not be for everyone, just like any other kind of media, but personally I hope I’ve introduced you to something you might like 🙂
The upcoming posts will be A LOT more game related, but I thought this was a nice little first content post to put up for when you guys start flooding over here.


Oh, hai thar!

So, you may be wondering what this is all about. Well, it’s not an ‘official site’ per se, by which I mean something that I would post all my videos on and exclusive content, but instead just somewhere for me to update you on news of my channel, random things I think are pretty awesome and things in the gaming world I think are worth talking about. I think it would be quite nice for you guys to see what I watch/keep up with when I’m not LPing. It’s mainly just something for me to do when I’m not doing my regular stuff to keep you updated, plus I thought it would generally be a nice little addition to my online pursuits. So then, don’t forget to bookmark or do whatever kind of awesome memory thing you do to visit a site now and then!