Crazy couple of weeks.

Well, just as the title says, it truly has been an awesome couple of weeks. Starting off last week we had E3 as I’m sure you all know. I’m sure you also know that I am a massive fan of the event and each year watching it live is fantastic. Not that I don’t hope to go to an event in the future, but watching it is still great. Of course, the Nintendo conference was the highlight for me, even before it occurred from hearing all the rumours of their announces. I think the image that best sums up their whole event is this…I ‘lol’d’.

 It also shows the path that Microsoft decided to take this year. They went all out on the Kinect games and the audiences reaction shows what we’re all thinking. NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE MOTION CONTROLS…we don’t play games (for the most part) to exercise or jump around god dammit!

Sony also had a pretty good conference. With the PS Vita finally getting the title and the price being announced, the audience (and viewers) we’re pleasantly surprised. However, don’t say you didn’t here the booing on the AT&T front Sony…you did.

I still must say Nintendo won the overall event though. I’m not trying to be bias at all, but they didn’t just stick to the topic of the WiiU either, they had a great range of things, which is one of the best moves for an E3 conference in my opinion. Among this range were a brilliant list of 3DS games and as a 3DS owner, “IT’S ‘BOUT DAMN TIME!”. I’ll be looking forward to playing many of those titles, but especially Luigi’s Mansion 2 as I was a massive fan of the original when it first came out and it needed a sequel.

E3 wasn’t the only thing that week though. All week long I was working on many different things for you guys, including some more Ocarina of Time guides for ZeldaUniverse and of course my next LP which has been revealed as Donkey Kong Country Returns. There is one other thing as well, but that’ll be revealed in time 😉


Well, thanks for reading, sorry I wasn’t able to get this post out earlier, and I’ll see you guys later!






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  1. Keep it up Yoshi, you’re always making great content for us and I really enjoy them.

  2. That image just made my entire day. Thank you, Yoshi :’D

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