A month already?

Really, it’s already been a month since my last post on here? Wow. Well there’s a lot to update you guys on, so we might as well get started!

Firstly, if you’ve been watching my episodes recently and seen my sketchy (yes, I just used that) upload schedule, you’ll probably know some info about my computer troubles. It’s all just been a massive clusterf**k of crap. Originally, I was having internet troubles, which ended up just being public line work that I couldn’t do anything about. That got sorted soon enough though. Soon after however, I started having the problems I’m still dealing with right now. The main one for me is the booting issues. Every time I boot my computer now, from either full shut down, hibernate, sleep or whatever I have to mess about in the BIOS for a while to get it to work. Sometimes it won’t choose the correct boot device instinctively (although that’s a simple fix), sometimes it will spend 30 minutes loading Windows to only then restart and say I have a disk error. I can deal fine with it all as it always works in the end, and I have yet to lose any data at all from my previous sessions, but the worrying part is it seems to have take longer and longer each time I boot it and to have more issues. I’m going to be taking my computer into the store sometime during this week so that I can diagnose exactly what’s going on and try to figure out a simple fix before I start the upgrades. I want to mainly make sure it’s not something with the OS installation on my hard drive as those are the only parts I’m not replacing and having the issue continue after I change everything would be a complete bitch, to put it bluntly ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s the worst error I receive mostly. Not sure how I fix it, I just kinda…do!

Other than that complete bunch of fun, summer’s been pretty nice to me so far. I’ve been chilled, the weather’s been AWESOME and my sleeping pattern is already out of the window, so just an average teenage summer really, eh? ๐Ÿ˜› A lot of people have been wondering what’s going on with me and Stephย during August. As many of you know, the original plan was to go to PAX Prime for the three days and then chill with her for a couple extra days afterwards. Sadly, the PAX Prime part has had to have been cancelled due to lots of private issues wed rather were kept private, but we are still planning for me to head over to her home state in late August and see just her for the week. I’m really sorry to any of you who were hoping to see me over there, but it really couldn’t be helped.

Other than that, I don’t really have too much to report on. Both video series are going well, even if I’m not able to upload as regularly as I thought I would be able to this early on in summer. Don’t worry, the routine won’t be like this for too much longer, I just need to get some of the computer issues sorted out and I’ll have much more time to record! In a way there has been one good thing that came out of all that crap though. Seeing as turning my computer on is a major chore now, I’ve found myself spending a hell of a load of time in bed, on my MacBook (writing this post is an example of just that), relaxing with a good fanfic (I never used to enjoy fanfiction, but I’ve sparked a sudden love for it as of late) or watching a movie. It’s a really nice way to spend a lazy summers day, especially when you can head out into the front yard and do it all from a lounger. Damn, that’s the best thing in the world right there!

Anyway, to end this post off I figure I might as well give you an update for the happenings or the next couple of weeks and what to expect from me content wise. Sadly, my upload schedule is going to be easily just as unpredictable as it has been since summer started, if not more so. This coming weekend, I’m going to be having a partying weekend with friends, so Saturday night is out of the question and, to put it in a way you can probably understand, I won’t be in the best condition to record Sunday either ๐Ÿ˜‰ The same also goes for Thursday night the week afterwards, but I’ll try to stockpile as much as I can prior to that, so the effect will be less. I’ll also try and keep you in the know with my computer, so I can tell you whether videos will have to grind to a halt all together or the problem will be fixed with a simple press of a button.

Well, I guess that’s all I really needed you guys to know about, so with that, I’m going to sit back, relax and watch a movie with a good old Subway sandwich. Mmmm…..


P.S. Oh! There was one last thing actually! Due to the irregular uploads, I’ve been trying to stream more than usual to make up for it. Expect at least one more long streaming session this week and two next week! You can find me streaming at this page, although I usually always post an announcement video on my channel when I go live. Thanks guys!


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  1. It sucks that you won’t be able to go out to PAX, but it’s really awesome you might get to go see Steph ๐Ÿ˜€

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